Show airs every Monday and Wednesday from 4:30pm till 5:30pm.

CMSTV is committed to building content related programming. Math Xtra does just that by extending your lessons beyond the classroom

and providing your students more opportunities to study what you taught.

I am asking you to be a part of this effort.

There are several ways your students can participate:

  • Call the show at 980-343-2233 and speak with the host

  • Email a problem to

  • Tweet a message to @mathxtra

The show airs at 4:30pm and each Monday and Wednesday afternoon on CMS Channel 3 (Time Warner Cable),

on the internet at the CMS website by just clicking on the CMS TV link at the top right corner, and on the free CMS mobile app. Download here:

Helping with the Area of a Trapezoid

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Mint Hill Middle Visit

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