Compass Learning

Tips for Compass Learning

  • Teachers do you have concerns about monitoring student work on Compass Learning? I found out that students need to click on the exit key and not "x" out when they have completed their work. This records the time accurately that they have been working.

  • Teachers did you know that Compass Learning has a scope and sequence document that gives activity codes for the content covered. This means if you want to drill in or focus on one thing then you can look this up in the scope and sequence document and get the activity code.

    • How Do Get There

      • Click on Content

      • Then click on Resources

      • Look under the Math heading to the right and click on Scope and Sequence

      • Identify grade and go on


Compass Learning Support Link



Please refer to the documents below for assistance. All CMS students are loaded into Compass Learning.

A note from Nancy Smith with Compass Learning!

We are excited to announce the launch of CompassLearning Odyssey in Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools. CompassLearning was purchased for all elementary and middle schools.
K-8 ELA and 6-8 Math. All students have been added to the system and where applicable their personalized NWEA/MAP assignments have been made.

The Students and teachers will have unique log-ins. Their log-in will be as follows;

Username: first initial + last name + last 4 digits of student ID
Password: 6 digit Birthdate- YYMMDD
School name: CMSD

The Teacher will each have a log-in. Their log-in will be as follows;

Username: CMS Username
Password: 6 digit Birthdate- YYMMDD+CMSD
School: CMSD

I have included an optional take-home piece, if the schools would like to send it with students to log-in at home.

Students will access the log-in page @

I am available for a walkthrough either virtually or on site with teachers. For assistance logging in, adding students or additional support please feel free to contact: Nancy Smith| National Curriculum Specialist | Cell: 407.579.7030

To get started using Odyssey on your mobile device now, follow these steps:
1) Go to the App Store for your mobile device and find Puffin Academy by CloudMosa.
2) Download the Puffin Academy app (not Puffin Web browser, also by CloudMosa).
3) Open the Puffin Academy app.
4) Find the Compass Learning icon and click it. We are currently listed as a featured publisher, so we are on the home page. Otherwise, a simple search for “compass learning” will bring you to Odyssey.
5) Click the logo, then click the logo again, and you will be redirected to the Odyssey login screen.
6) Login as you would normally login and begin using Compass Learning Odyssey!
*Note: The login routine described above is one-time only. After establishing Compass Learning as the solution of choice, the app will launch with Compass Learning every time, without the additional steps of clicking on the logos.