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If you want up to date middle and high school math information please visit the Middle School Math Community Course and High School Communication Course in Canvas. Secondary Math information is not being provided on this wiki any longer.

High School Math Updates

Curriculum Day Agenda:

Walch Powerpoint

All High School Math teachers should view this PowerPoint at your school site.

LIST SERVS AND COMMUNICATIONWe need to be able to communicate with all math teachers. You might be missing information on new resources, testing information, etc.
Please click on this link and follow the directions:
Listserv Directions
Great Article by Rob Leichner from West Mecklenburg HSRob's Article on Common Core in US News World Report


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Accessing District Benchmark Schoolnet

This page is designed to be a resource for all Middle and High School Math Teachers. Each content area page includes resources such as Curriculum guides, activities, strategies, formative and summative assessments. The Professional Development page contains upcoming PD opportunities as well as PowerPoints and handouts from past PD.